Accelerate Crop Improvements with PhotosynQ

Getting Started

The MultispeQ

The MultispeQ is PhotosynQ's handheld device to measure photosynthetic parameters derived from absorbance and fluorescence measurements.

MultispeQ v2.0 →

The CaliQ

The CaliQ is a compact, inexpensive instrument that allows you to self-calibrate the MultispeQ instrument.

CaliQ →

Instrument Calibration

Instructions on how to calibrate PhotosynQ Instruments. Some calibration steps require additional supplies or the CaliQ Instrument.

Calibration →

Mobile | Android

The current version of the Android mobile app is available through the Google Play Store. You will be notified in case there are updates available.

Mobile Application →

Desktop | Windows & Mac

The current version of desktop app available for Windows 7 or higher and for macOS 10.11.6 or higher. Updates are delivered through the app.

Desktop Application →

View & Analyze Data

Data from Projects can be analyzed using the provided tools online, as well as using libraries for Python and R for advanced data analysis.

Data Analysis →