# Indicator Light

The MultispeQ has an indicator light on top to indicate the status of the Instrument. During measurements the indicator light can be used to communicate progress or certain actions using the Protocol command indicator.

MultispeQ Indicator Light


This feature is only available for MultispeQ v2.0.

# Setting a Color

A color is defined by four channels, red, green, blue and white. The white channel is not used, but needs to be defined. The values for each channel range from 0 to 255 and only integers are allowed.

"indicator": [red,green,blue,white] // (requires a list with 4 integers, from 0-255)

When a new color is set, it will stay that color until it is changed again, stopped by other events or turned off. In a protocol set (_protocol_set_) going to the next protocol will not change the indicator state.

# Default

When a protocol starts, the indicator light turns on blue by default. You can overwrite this color using the indicator command.

# Example

// Turn on the Indicator light in Red
"indicator": [255,0,0,0]

// Turn on the Indicator light in Teal
"indicator": [0,128,128,0]

# Basic Colors

Color Name Red,Green,Blue,White
White 255,255,255,0
Red 255,0,0,0
Lime 0,255,0,0
Blue 0,0,255,0
Yellow 255,255,0,0
Cyan / Aqua 0,255,255,0
Magenta / Fuchsia 255,0,255,0
Maroon 128,0,0,0
Olive 128,128,0,0
Green 0,128,0,0
Purple 128,0,128,0
Teal 0,128,128,0
Navy 0,0,128,0
None Turn Light Off 0,0,0,0

# Turn Light Off

By default the light will turn off after the Protocol is done. If you want to turn off the indicator light earlier or in between the measurement, you can do so setting every channel to 0.

// Turn on the Indicator light off
"indicator": [0,0,0,0]