# Run a Protocol

All the Protocols you or the community developed on PhotosynQ can be used independent from Projects. When using the desktop application, those measurements can be saved to the notebook.

# Desktop Application

Run a Protocol from the list or the Sidebar

There are two ways to run a Protocol outside of a Project. Open the list of Protocols by selecting Protocols from the left menu bar or using the shortcut Ctrl/⌘+3.

  1. A Single Click on a Protocol from the list will bring up the information in the side bar. Select Run to start the Protocol.
  2. A Double Click on a Protocol from the list will start it immediately.


You can use the protocols from others when you select Explore from the top menu.

# Protocol Editor

The Desktop Application also allows to edit Protocols. When using the Protocol Editor, the Protocol can be started by selecting Run from the menu or the shortcut Ctrl/⌘+.

# Mobile Application

The Mobile Application allows you to run Protocols without Projects as Quick Measurements. These measurements cannot be saved.

Run a Protocol as a Quick Measurement
  1. Tap the overflow menu in the top left corner.
  2. Select Quick Measurements from the menu.
  3. Tap on a protocol in the list to run it.


Quick Measurements only show your Protocols. Use search to find a Protocols made by other users.